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2.2.2 Web Design Rule #2: Easy to Navigate

Navigation is a significant component of websites. Through correctly designed navigational elements, visitors can see where they are on the web site, where they can go from this page, and where they have been. Ease of navigation is also about finding helpful elements on the website in case the visitors get lost and cannot find what they were looking for. The help can be provided with a site search box, sitemap or help section. (Thurow 2003, 36.)

One common method of showing the visitor where she is presently and where she came from is the use of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are usually located at the top of the screen and show the path to the present page. For example, a tennis equipment store could have a breadcrumb navigational element like this, “Home > Tennis Shoes > Nike”, where Nike tennis shoes is the page that the visitor is on. In this case, “Home” and “Tennis shoes” would be hyperlinks to the corresponding pages.

A navigational toolbar is an element of the website, which can usually be found on the left side or above the body text. The navigation bar generally includes links to other pages on the web site, and is visible on all or most web pages of the web site. A navigation bar can be found on almost every web site, as it is one of the most basic features of a website.

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