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This chapter is part of the free e-book 'Basics of Search Engine Marketing', published in May 2005.

4.1 Keywords and phrases

Keywords and phrases are those terms that best describe the content of a web page. From an online advertising perspective, the terms that a web site should target depend on a number of variables. These variables can be defined by answering the following questions:

As defined earlier in this paper, SEO aims at ranking well in the organic search results for any given targeted keywords or phrases. It is essential then to discuss the importance of picking out the correct terms for which a web site wishes to rank. For instance, company A sells tennis equipment on its website. From the optimization point of view, the keyword “tennis” is not the best possible term to target, because it has a huge amount of competition with over 50 million search results coming up on Google. In addition, “tennis” does not describe the contents of the web site specifically enough. Instead, company A could target keywords like “tennis shoes”, “tennis racquets”, “tennis equipment” and “tennis apparel”. These terms are better in describing what the store sells and should be included in the list of targeted terms, though they are still quite competitive terms from SEO standpoint based on the number of search results. Company A could also target more specific key phrases such as “ wilson tennis racquets”, “nike tennis shoes” and “cheap tennis shoes”.

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