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4.4.4 Theming

There are also plenty of other off-site attributes in the Google algorithm that influence the rank of a page in the SERPs. One attribute that is increasingly important is theming. As I have already mentioned in this paper, search engines theme web pages based on their content and from an off-site optimization standpoint, inbound links get different values based on their relevancy. Thus, a link from a page that is about the same topic as the page it is linking to is more important than a link from a page that is not about a similar topic. This is from the theming perspective and does not take into consideration other attributes like PageRank. For example, a soccer shoes manufacturer has two inbound links from two different pages: one from the main page of a fan site of the Liverpool soccer team and one from the main page of a website design company. From the theming standpoint, the fan site is on a related subject and thus the link from it is more important than the link from the website design company.

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