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This chapter is part of the free e-book 'Basics of Search Engine Marketing', published in May 2005.

3.5 Targeted Traffic

Part of search engine marketing is about bringing traffic to the site, but there are usually actions that need to happen after the visitor has arrived to the web site, in order for the marketing campaign to be successful. For example, a visitor that stays on the site for 5 seconds and realizes that this is not what she was looking for, is not the kind of visitor that companies want on their web sites. These types of visits may increase the company name recognition a bit, but that is about all the benefit that the company will get out of the visitor. Therefore, it is obvious that not all visitors to a web site are valued at the same level. It is possible to buy traffic to a web site for a very low price, but if very few of these visitors take desired action on the web site, the traffic is hardly worth the money.

What companies are interested in is targeted traffic to their web sites. These are the kind of visitors that are genuinely interested in the company, its products and services or the information found on the web site. Many of these visitors will take the desired action and make the marketing campaign successful. These desired actions are also known as leads. Leads will be discussed in more detail in chapter 5.4.

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