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This chapter is part of the free e-book 'Basics of Search Engine Marketing', published in May 2005.

2.3 Website and Search Engine Marketing

Website is the backbone of any Internet marketing plan. Whether a company utilizes search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing or contextual advertising, a website is the element that the campaigns are built upon. In search engine marketing, the actions that take place on the website represent the post-click actions. These actions are the most important ones, as this is where it is mainly determined, whether the search marketing goals are being reached or not.

For ranking organically, a website needs to have a clear structure and preferably several pages of content. The requirements for organic rankings vary greatly between industries, and getting a top position in the SERPs may be an easy task for some companies, while others are required to put in months or even years of hard work before seeing desired results. This is due to varying competitiveness in different industries and geographic areas, and more specifically key phrases. Ranking organically for a popular and competitive term, such as “web hosting”, is bound to be more difficult than ranking for a less competitive term like “bee farming”. I will discuss keyword competitiveness and how to determine which terms to target in chapter 4.1.

The requirements for a website that employs only search engine advertising are not as strict as for organic ranking. Due to the nature of search engine advertising, web pages do not need to be optimized for the search engines. Any webpage that does not break the Terms of Service of the pay per click provider can rank high in the search results for any term, provided that the bids for the given terms are high enough. However, in order to have successful pay per click campaigns, a website should be optimized for paid search. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that the website be optimized for both, organic and paid results, in order to achieve optimal results.

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